Top 10 Summertime E-Liquids at eJuice BOGO

At eJuice Bogo, we have your summertime vaping needs covered.  Whether this time of year makes you crave tempting candies, cold beverages, seasonal fruits or icy menthol that cools you down on impact, we have it all.  Now that the season has finally begun, we’ve created a list of the top ten e-liquid flavors for summertime vaping that we have to offer.  Each of them helps you celebrate the season in style thanks to its unique flavor profile that tastes like summer in a bottle. Summertime...

Breaking Down the Ratios

If you’ve been vaping for some time, you probably have a general understanding of ratios and how they affect several aspects of your vaping experience.  Still, many vapers aren’t quite sure how these ratios differ in terms of the ways in which they alter one’s cloud production, throat hit, flavor and more.  By understanding how these different ratios affect the way in which you experience your vaping sessions, you’ll be able to zero in on your sweet spot more efficiently than ever before.  That’s why...

Get into the Sub-Ohm Vape Lifestyle

If you’re interested in ditching your cigarettes in favor of vaping, welcome to the club.  Before you run out and purchase the first vaping system that you can find, it’s important for you to understand that vaping technology has evolved so much over the years that today, there are many different vaping styles out there, each with its own unique set of hardware.  One of the most popular styles is known as sub-ohm vaping, and many users feel that it’s superior to all other kinds...

Your Vaping Senses at Work

Vaping, as we know, is a high-sensory experience, which is why we enjoy it so much.  Most of us spend a good amount of money on e-liquids that satisfy our taste buds, and we observe with pride the thick, luscious clouds that escape through our lips after taking a nice, big hit off of our vaping devices.  In fact, all five senses are stimulated when we vape.  Whether we’re conscious of it or not, our senses of sight, smell, touch, sound and taste all have their...

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