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Keep It 100 Synthetic - OG Tropical Blue

Keep It 100 Synthetic - OG Tropical Blue

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What’s better than a sweet & sour tropical slushy? Well, what about combining it with fresh fruits straight from the islands? Keep It 100 OG Tropical Blue is a thirst-quenching e-juice that will bring back memories of walking to the convenience store for one of those massive cups of frozen goodness. Relive those good ol’ days while treating your palate to unbelievably bold and relaxing flavor today. As you inhale, sourness from the blue raspberry flavor slams into your tongue, causing each taste bud to weep with joy. Then, a rush of tangy, sharp exotic fruitiness makes its way across the palate. Enjoy a perfect dose of sugar on the exhale. For some even cooler enjoyment, get ready to chase some amazing clouds. This is one summertime e-liquid delight every vaper should be vaping.

**Formerly Blue Slushie Tropical**


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