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Aqua Original - Pure
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Aqua Original - Pure

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Aqua is beloved for their beautifully complex and layered fruit blends, and Pure is their stunning homage to late-summer flavors. How? By captivating our senses and bringing back wonderful memories. A succulent trio of fresh watermelons, plump strawberries and juicy apples allows for the taste buds to feel refreshed and for the thirst to be quenched. This sensational e-liquid truly hits the spot with its sublime authenticity and remarkable boldness. When that vapor first enters your mouth, crisp notes tingle on the tongue and make you feel revitalized. Then, tangy berry notes come through, making you close your eyes and savor the moment like never before. Finally, a perfect amount of sweetness brings forth a true vaping splendor without overwhelming the delicate nuances of this enchanting blend. If that wasn’t enough, get ready to create some impressively large and flavorful clouds. Your pallet will be placed into a judgment-free fruit zone, as this gentle and sweet e-juice will surely become an immediate ADV.


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